Reynar: "The weapon can create volcanoes?"
Onn: "That was an unexpected side effect! This planet is obviously unstable!"
Reynar and Onn[src]

Antolus I was a planet located in the Sarka sector of the Mid Rim.


Antolus I orbited a dying star and was the sole planet of its system. It laid in a sector with frequent meteor activity, meaning that starships in the area required a magnetogravitic shield in order to stay intact. The arid planet seemed lifeless but was in fact inhabited by deadly insects that lived underground.


Antolus I volcano

The volcano created by the Separatist experimental land mine.

Although unimportant by any standard, Antolus I was the site of a battle of the Clone Wars between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the confrontation, the Separatists tested a new type of land mine with such a destructive power that it created a volcano on the unstable planet. Although both parties first fought to the point of reaching a Mandalorian standoff, the unexpected side effect of the weapon compelled the Republic and Separatist forces to temporarily forgo their enmity, and work together to leave the planet alive.


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