The Hydrospeare Corporation Aquadon CAVa 400 was an aquatic design which modified the CAVw PX-10.


As a part of the "modification packages" from Hydrospeare, the company's Design Team Beta took the Combat Assault Vehicle and made it aquatic. This particular package had found Imperial acceptance. Like its fore-bearer, the one-trooper Imperial vehicle had a medium blaster cannon turret. However, the pilot's cabin was gyroscopically stabilized as in the B-wing, so that the vehicle could move in any angle as a submarine, using its powerful stern and lateral thrusters, while the pilot was "fixed" towards the "front". It was also detachable as an escape pod in case of damage. Its popularity derived from the fact that it did not require hard maintenance for a vehicle of its kind.


The Empire used this vehicle during the Kath subjugations, particularly against the Rebel forces on the Karm Trenches.