This article is about the Aqualish–Corellian War, which happened c. 15,000 BBY. You may be looking for the Corellian/Aqualish war, which happened c. 4000 BBY.

The Aqualish–Republic War, sometimes known as the Aqualish–Corellian War, was fought among the Aqualish and the Galactic Republic.


After the unification of the Aqualish in the Aqualish Civil War, they embarked on a campaign which led up to the Aqualish-Corellian War.

During Republic expansion, a Republic vessel was sent to Ando to persuade the Aqualish to join the Republic. The Aqualish refused and fired upon the vessel. The vessel, however, with its superior weaponry, managed to escape and alert the Republic of the Aqualish's hostility. This marked the beginning of a short yet bloody war for the Aqualish.


Eventually, the Aqualish surrendered and agreed to remove all offensive weaponry on their hyperspace vessels. The government of Ando agreed to abide by Republic discretion until they could earn full citizenship. Later, under the Republic, the Aqualish prospered and even revived their fishing industry, which was one of the key factors that led them into war in the first place. Even a number of Aqualish soldiers were resettled on Talus.


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