Arabores were a species of aquatic rodents native to the harsh ice-covered planet Toola in the Outer Rim Territories. Usually growing between 2.6 and 2.8 meters in length, they fed mainly on fish and lived in groups known as pods, normally consisting of a single male, known as the bull, and between two and twelve females, known as cows. Each pod would inhabit a single fishing territory which the bull would defend viciously against intruders and competing bulls.[1]

Arabores were generally sleek in appearances due to their aqua-dynamic shape, but were covered in layers of fat for insulation. Great flat tusks protruded from a short snout on the rodent’s face which the bulls used to defend themselves. [1]

They were hunted occasionally by their planets native sentient species, the Whiphids, who were renowned hunters and were capable of killing them with just their hands and tusks [2]. Normally a young Whipid hunter might kill a bull to prove himself as would newly elected Spearmasters, the title of the head elder of Whipid tribes. [1]

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Arabores were first mentioned in the second edition of Galaxy Guide 4: Alien Races, a roleplaying game supplement published by West End Games in 1994. The creatures description was expanded upon greatly in Star Wars Adventure Journal 10, also published by West End Games, in 1996. It was then listed in the The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia published in 2008 by Del Rey.


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