"Quarra, right? You really ought to think about that hat. It pays to keep your hair short here, too. The arachnorids are hideous here."
―Orielle Kitai[src]

Arachnorids were an arachnid species that were found on the planet Kesh. They lived in the jungle highlands of the continent of Keshtah Minor. While building their new home in the jungle highlands of Keshtah, the former Sith Orielle Kitai and her Jedi husband Jelph Marrian encountered several arachnorids. Orielle Kitai regarded them as a pest and as a result cut her hair short. During a Force vision with the Keshiri woman Quarra Thayn in 2975 BBY, Orielle briefly mentioned the presence of arachnorids before encouraging and giving advice to Quarra, who was separated by a wide gulf of time and distance.