"Welcome to our fire. We have bread and meat and water."
―Aradasa Vurse to Ben Skywalker[src]

Aradasa Vurse was a female Dathomiri Witch and daughter of Halliava Vurse, the chief trainer of scouts for the Raining Leaves Clan. According to Halliava, Aradasa was her child with Dasan, a warrior from the Broken Columns Clan, which was a tribe of men that regularly married females from the Raining Leaves Clan.


In 43.5 ABY, Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker and his son Ben traveled to the planet Dathomir in search of Vestara Khai, a Sith apprentice. With them was a number of hired trackers and guides, one of which was Sha'natrac Tsu, a Dathomiri Witch who used to be in the Blue Coral Divers Clan. The Jedi stayed in the company of the Raining Leaves Clan during their annual conclave with the Broken Columns Clan. When the clans were attacked by the Nightsisters, who were against the planned merging of the two clans, Tsu was one of the casualties. Ben, however, thought Tsu was more than a random casualty. He theorized that one of the reasons Tsu hired herself as a tracker was because she was searching for her missing daughter stolen by the Nightsisters. Ben started questioning the women of the Raining Leaves Clan who had daughters, and came to suspect that Aradasa was Tsu's missing child.

After the battle on Bright Sun Hill, where the two clans managed to repel the Nightsisters and merged into the Bright Sun Clan, Halliava revealed her status as a Nightsister when she accused Khai of complicity against the Bright Sun Clan. The Nightsisters were captured by the Lost Tribe of Sith due to Khai's actions, and Halliava was the only one who was left. In response, Khai revealed that it was Halliava who assassinated Tsu. As punishment, Halliava was exiled from the Bright Sun Clan and Aradasa was adopted by Olianne Sihn, who had lost her own daughter to a fever a few months previously.


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