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The Arakhyn were a sentient species of ruthless hunters.

Biology and appearanceEdit

The Arakhyns were humanoids, with four limbs. Tall and muscular, all male Arakhyns are instinctive and relentless.

Society and cultureEdit

At a very young age, all male Arakhyns were abandoned on hostile planets to pass rituals to adulthood. Those rituals consist primarily of surviving, killing hostile beings, and escaping from the planet. The Arakhyn spoke with growls, and sometimes used basic translators.

Proud to the extreme, the Arakhyn didn't always measure the danger they faced and were often seen racing straight to the biggest threat, ignoring the lesser, seemingly weakest creatures.

Arakhyns in the galaxyEdit

Arkhanyns were mythical, lone hunters, chasing the biggest prey throughout the entire galaxy. They tolerated valorous humanoids at their side if it can lead them to greater exploits.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Arakhyn, along with Schizode, Slugh and Sylphe species, were created by Patrick Bousquet and Christophe Debien for an ambiguously canon roleplaying game help which appeared in the French magazine Casus Belli 95. The species was illustrated by Thierry Ségur. The character blank card mistakenly mentioned "Slugh" for the species.


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