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Arakyd Industries
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Arakyd Industries was a major manufacturer of droids, heavy weapons, and starships, dating back to the days of the Galactic Republic. Originally a supplier of exploration droids, the company saw a major boost in business with the rise of the Galactic Empire, and pioneered A. I. advances, its most noteworthy achievement being the Viper probe droid model, which the Empire used to locate the Echo Base on the planet Hoth. Apart from the probe, its other most famous product was the XR-85 tank droid. During the Clone Wars, Arakyd's Chief Executive Officer was Hordis Boil. In the New Jedi Order era, Arakyd had a moderately successful consumer-market line, and worked closely with the New Republic, despite their history. Divisions of the company included Arakyd Aerodynes, Incorporated Arakyd had many of its factories on the planet of Coruscant. Its headquarters were situated on the planet of Vulpter.

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Arakyd Industries is paid homage with a new crowd-funded space telescope called ARKYD.[2]



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