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"Freedom is more than our dream. It is our inalienable right."
―Aran Starfire[src]

Aran Starfire was a tall, lean Human with silver-red hair by the time of the Galactic Civil War. He was once a soldier in the Galactic Republic army, but retired to the planet Gellefon to escape the madness of the New Order.


Starfire was once a consummate soldier, but when he formed the Gellefon Freedom Fighters to free Gellefon from Imperial rule, he started to use his disciplined training in unorthodox ways. His goal was to create so much trouble for the Galactic Empire that it simply left Gellefon to find a better, less hostile world. He refused to believe that the Imperials would rather increase their presence than leave the planet, which was probably the wrong conclusion to come to.

When a group of Rebels led by Watcher and Borsk Fey'lya met members of his resistance group, they were brought before Starfire. The two groups agreed to work together to free the captured members of the Deep Ear faction from Pinnacle Keep. Starfire and his group would stage a diversion while the group of rebels would enter the facility and free the prisoners. Starfire and his group then kept the pressure on the Imperial troops as the Rebels fled the planet with the Death Star II plans.