Arari was the capital city of the planet Blaudu Sextus. In 44 ABY, a revolt of the Octusisemi-sentient natives of nearby Blaudu Octus—against their masters was provoked by the anti-slavery organization Freedom Flight. The Octusi staged peaceful marches in Arari, but Galactic Alliance Chief of State Natasi Daala feared that allowing the revolt to go unchecked would spark rebellion on more worlds, and thus sent a Mandalorian force under the command of Belok Rhal to put down the revolt. Rhal corralled several Octusi in the Big Circle of Fun in Arari and massacred them when they refused to stop their revolt. His actions were reported live by journalist Madhi Vaandt, whom he proceeded to kill, before the Mandalorians were finally found and stopped by Jedi Knights Sothais Saar and Avinoam Arelis.


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