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"This is Hammer 3:2. We require a tech team up here as quickly as possible. Nothing major, but our port repulsors need looking at."
―Sergeant Arbmab[src]

Arbmab was a male sergeant and crewman of Hammer 3:2, a repulsortank in the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit. He fought at the Assault on Protazk during the Kwymar Suppressions.


Arbmab was a male sergeant serving in the Imperial Army during the Galactic Civil War. He was assigned to the Imperial Hammers Elite Armor Unit, known colloquially as "Hell's Hammers," and commanded repulsortank Hammer 3:2 alongside his driver, Gortz. He participated in the assault on Alliance to Restore the Republic forces on the planet Protazk[1] during the Kwymar Suppressions.[3] During the assault, Hammer 3:2 took minor damage to the its port repulsorlift which required a tech team to look at.[1]


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