The Darker, a being created by the negative emotions of the Arbran people

The Arbrans were a civilization which lived on Arbra circa 25,100 BBY, during the days of Xim the Despot. They may have been related to the Sith, as they had a similar language.[1]

Their culture eventually developed to the point where not only did they consider ridding themselves of all negative emotions desirable such as hatred, anger, and fear, but they actually developed the technology to do so. Unfortunately, they could not destroy these negative energies. All they could do was imprison them in an underground cavern behind an energy field which blocked the energies. This force screen also slowed or stopped sentients in a negative emotional state. Over time, the imprisoned emotional energies formed an intelligent entity, known as The Darker. Though the Arbrans could have used the force screen to destroy the creature, they refused to do so on the grounds that it was a part of them.[2]

Sometime afterward, the Arbrans left their homeworld to begin their civilization anew. The Darker remained imprisoned on Arbra for millennia.[2]



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