Arcan IV, sometimes known simply as Arcan, was a planet located within the Tion Cluster of the Outer Rim Territories.


One of the original member-worlds of the Kingdom of Cron, it was absorbed into Xim's empire. After the empire collapsed, it would continue to thrive as a world, eventually joining the Cronese Mandate after the rise of the Galactic Empire. Located along the Perlemian Trade Route, it was the principal spaceport of the Mandate.

By the time of the Battle of Endor, Arcan IV's commercial district served as a den of smugglers, pirates, thieves, and con artists. Lando Calrissian and Chewbacca once went there looking for clues to the whereabouts of Han Solo. Later, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker went there during their quest to seek out the Dancing Goddess.



Notes and referencesEdit

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