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"We've got Batuu Brew, Black Spire Brew, Blurrgfire, Toniray White, Andoan White, Moogan Tea—with or without alco—"
Janott, to Padmé Amidala[src]

Ardees Beverage or Moogan tea was a brand of tea from Mooga,[source?] a world controlled by the Commerce Guild[4] and manufactured by Ardees Beverage Company, which declared the drink the "Galaxy's favorite" on its containers.[1] Gandr Spanjaf, a resident of Lothal, sometimes enjoyed fizzy Moogan tea from cans kept in a cooler.[3] During the Clone Wars, the Moogan smuggler Tee Va obtained Ardees Beverage concentrate from a source within the company and mixed the drink with the potentially poisonous diluting agent slabin to increase profits.[1] Va then sold the contraband tea to schools on the planet Mandalore, where the improper mixing of the concentrate and diluting agent caused an outbreak of illness among Mandalorian schoolchildren.[4]

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