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This article is about the MC80a Ardent. You may be looking for the MC40a Ardent or the MC80 Liberty type Ardent.

The Ardent was a MC80a Star Cruiser in service to the Rebel Alliance during the early years of the Galactic Civil War.


Some time after the Battle of Hoth, it attempted to aid the Inamo when it fell under attack from TIE Avenger forces who had been patiently observing a Rebel Cache . The cruiser arrived too late and the Inamo was destroyed. It launched Z-95 Headhunter squadrons Tiger and Shark to engage the TIE Avengers. It escaped a rocket attack with a badly-damaged hull, the Ardent possibly launched a shuttle Argus.

The event was then used in the Combat chamber as a training simulator for future TIE Avenger pilots in the Imperial Navy, Maarek Stele in particular.



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