Lady Areilla Nastascha was a House Cadriaan noble from the Tapani sector and a member of Lady Bathos's Privy Council.


Areilla grew up with Lady Bathos, but instead of focusing on gaining experience of the political infrastructure of the house she concentrated on sports and eventually joined the House Guard as a pilot, where she served with distinction for twelve years. When Lady Bathos ascended to the position of High Lady, Areilla was appointed to her privy council. Prior to the Battle of Hoth, Lady Nastascha was in her late thirties. She typically wore specially tailored outfit where she could conceal weapons, most commonly a blaster strapped to her left thigh. Even following her retirement from active military duties, Areilla still kept herself physically fit and still practiced her piloting skills. She was a thrill-seeking adventurer by nature but had been forced to live a more sedentary life since she gained more political responsibilities.