Aren Folee was a female Antarian Ranger and an ally of the Republic Group stationed on Toprawa in Salik City.


In 19 BBY, Folee was to receive the Stellar Envoy from Captain Tobb Jadak and his co-pilot Reeze Duurmun. Upon delivery she was also to receive a mnemonic aid, "Restore Republic honor to the galaxy". When the mnemonic aid was decoded and entered into the Stellar Envoy's navigational computer, she would have been able to travel to Tandun III completing her mission. However, Folee never got to perform her mission. After a run in with Republic forces, Jadak and Reeze were forced to detour to Nar Shaddaa, where Reeze died, Jadak was put in a sixty-year-long coma, and the Stellar Envoy was lost.

A year later, Aren Folee and the Rangers met with Jax Pavan, Laranth Tarak, Den Dhur, and I-5YQ when they made a stop on Toprawa.


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