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The Argazdan Regent was the title for the head of state of the Argazdan Redoubt during the Kanz Disorders (3970 BBY3670 BBY).


Around 3670 BBY, the last Argazdan Regent was Torphceris whose grip over the Redoubt was threatened by the Jedi Order and the Galactic Republic under the Lorrdian Jedi Master Mari-Elan Nora. In desperation, he betrayed his "beliefs" in Vianism by making a pact with a demonic alien "artisan-shaper." This alien had come to the known Galaxy from the Intergalactic Void and displayed much expertise in bioengineering. Torphceris used the alien's expertise to create a bioengineered monster which was buried beneath the legendary Slave Pits of Lorrd. These Slave Pits were constructed at the cost of the lives of thousands of Lorrdian slaves.


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