"Many of my clients are reluctant to let friends and family know of their interest in the dark side."
―Argel Tenn[src]

Argel Tenn was an overweight balding male Human who dealt in the trade of illegal Sith artifacts during the time following the New Sith Wars.[1]

Tenn often dealt with Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Bane, whom he believed to be a simple collector known as Sepp Omek. When Bane requested any object having to do with Darth Andeddu, Tenn brought an aged scroll made of cured animal skin to Bane. The scroll was a religious proclamation that declared Darth Andeddu the Immortal and Eternal king of Prakith. Using the knowledge supplied by Argel Tenn Darth Bane was able to locate the tomb of Darth Andeddu, find Andeddu's holocron, and learn the secrets of transfer essence.[1]

Bane's apprentice, Darth Zannah later approached Tenn to ask him about his dealings with Bane. Initially he had refused to tell her anything, claiming that discretion was the cornerstone of his business. It was not until after she revealed her self to be a Sith that he told her about Darth Andeddu. Fearing that he may spread the knowledge that the Sith still survived, she was left with no choice but to kill him.[1]

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Tenn was a trader of ancient Sith artifacts in the time following the New Sith Wars when such exotic items where made illegal throughout the galaxy. He portrayed himself as an expert on the dark side of the Force and frequently did business with collectors and Sith fetishists. He was known for being discreet keeping his customers names from ever being linked to the transaction.[1]


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