Arhul Kurumenga was a general within the Imperial Department of Military Research in the Galactic Empire.

In 1 BBY, Kurumenga, alongside Imperial Navy Admiral Conan Antonio Motti and Master of Imperial Projects Bevel Lemelisk, attended a debriefing headed by a specialist in pre-Republic history from the Obroan Institute for Archaeology, Dr. Insmot Bowen relating to archaeological discoveries that might confirm the existence of the Celestials. Throughout the meeting, Kurumenga had to prevent Admiral Motti, a staunch nonbeliever of supernatural aspects, from cutting in and giving unnecessary jabs at Dr. Bowen.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kurumenga was tolerant of being re-exposed to information he already knew, as he preferred that than having information he hadn't known hidden from him or otherwise unintentionally withheld. He was also willing to allow some mistakes to slide with scientists. He also admitted that he had been familiar with the concept of a spinning top toy when asked by Bowen.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kurumenga was first alluded to in Jason Fry's endnotes for the 2012 guidebook The Essential Guide to Warfare, where Fry mentioned an alternate opening for the guide that had been cut, although he was not identified by name.

The character, as well as the opening itself, were later unveiled in the Star Wars Blog article Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Warfare: Author's Cut — The Celestials, part of a 12-part blog series reviewing materials that, for varying reasons, had been cut from Warfare's final release. The character was also identified by name for the first time.


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