Ari Melast was a female sentient and one of the lieutenants of crimelord Nirama. Unbeknownst to Nirama, Melast was a member of The Cell, a faction of his criminal Organization that aimed to oust and replace Nirama, and restore slavery to the Cularin system.


In 32 BBY, Melast was involved in an operation to weaken Nirama by framing some of his loyal agents in Rothe Gate, his main weapon storage asteroid. To this end, The Cell re-programmed Nirama's former protocol droid N3-A2, deceived Nirama's master of properties Jobril, and forged some proofs linking the loyal employees with The Cell. When Nirama went to Rothe Gate personally, The Cell tried to assassinate him there and then, and staged a distraction using N3-A2 as a walking bomb; Melast was personally involved in the customization of the droid. The attempted coup failed. Nirama discovered Melast's implication and ordered his right-hand man Len Markus to capture her.