"Plead insanity. It'll be believed."
Soontir Fel[src]

Count Arian Laabann was a Human male member from Eiattuan nobility who was the leader of the Priamsta during the Galactic Civil War. He supported the reign of Moff Leonia Tavira.

Fearful of the changes Plourr Ilo attempted to institute on Eiattu 6, Laabann attempted to kidnap her to maintain the Priamsta's power. His efforts failed, however, and Plourr, supported by the commoners, was able to end the dominance of the the Priamsta, and to remove the impostor pretending to be her brother, Harrandatha Estillo.

Subsequently, Laabann was pardoned and remained at court as leader of what Plourr wryly called the "loyal opposition", but a few months later, he betrayed the visiting Princess Leia Organa—actually, a disguised Winter—to Moff Tavira. He confessed his crime under interrogation by Baron Soontir Fel, and his subsequent fate is unknown.

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