Aricos Dreleene was an Imperial Moff who governed Toblain sector during the height of the Galactic Civil War.


Aricos Dreleene was the Imperial Moff of the Toblain sector and a man of great riches. Wanting to obtain a true Surronian L19a freighter to exhibit it in conferences of Coruscant, Dreelene instead bought a less-expensive, less-exclusive L19, the First Edition under the incorrect assumption that it was a L19a. He then discovered that he had bought a mass-production ship, but he had no time to find a really-luxury one. Instead, he spent 220,000 credits in outlaw techs and slicers to fake the ID's of the First Edition. He managed to outwit Imperial dignitaries and pretend that he had to buy a heavy freighter as nothing smaller could transport his big collections.

While on his ship and in deep space, Dreleene was ambushed along the Warchigade Trade Route by privateers who believed he was flying a true L19a. The pirates, who were affiliated to the Alliance to Restore the Republic, captured both Dreleene and the ship. Dreleene whined in protest that the ship was a fake—his confession was filmed and uploaded to Cynabar's InfoNet by the Alliance in less than a week. After this, the Empire then disowned Dreleene and revoked his Moffship in a month, choosing instead to let him wallow in a Rebel prison camp.

Personality and traitsEdit

Dreleene was narcissistic and had more interest in showing off his personal wealth than in doing his job. He claimed to have a big collection of fine furniture and animal trophies.