Arik Uvis was a male individual from the Core who worked for the office of Governor Ryder Azadi. He attempted to purchase twenty-one percent of the mining company Pryce Mining, but Arihnda Pryce, heir to the company, refused his offer.


Early LifeEdit

Arik Uvis was born and grew up in the Core, but by the time he reached his mid-thirties he was living on Lothal working for the office of governor Ryder Azadi. He was assigned to work with the Pryce Mining company]] six standard months prior to the discovery of a doonium vein in the mine. During this time he developed a friendly relationship with Talmoor Pryce.[1]

Attempted Takeover of Pryce MiningEdit

Six standard months after he was assigned to work with Pryce Mining, Uvis and Azadi stumbled upon the fact that a vein of doonium had been uncovered in the mine belonging to Pryce Mining on Lothal. Wanting to gain control of the doonium vein before Lothal Senator Domus Renking and the Empire could, Azadi dispatched Uvis to attempt to purchase another twenty-one percent, a controlling interest when combined with his and Azadi's current thirty percent, of the company from Arihnda.[1]

Finding Arihnda in the Pryce Mining corporate building, Uvis was quick to determine the veracity of the rumors that Pryce had discovered doonium. Having confirmed the existence of the doonium, Uvis shifted into his bid for a controlling interest in Pryce Mining. He warned Arihnda that the presence of a doonium vein in her mine would draw unwanted attention, offering Azadi's protection from megacorporations in exchange for the controlling interest. Arihnda dismissed his warnings as nothing more than a takeover attempt, however, and turned down his offer. When she threatened to call guard droids on him, Uvis reluctantly left the premises.[1]

In retribution for Arihnda's refusal of the offer, Uvis and Azadi falsified embezzlement charges in order to incarcerate Elainye Pryce in an attempt to blackmail Arihnda into selling her company. Talmoor, oblivious to Uvis' role in the attempted takeover, suggested that Arihnda try talking to him to get Elainye released.[1]

Uvis and Azadi's attempt failed later that day when Arihnda made a deal with Senator Renking to give control of Pryce Mining over to the Empire in exchange for her mother's release, a new job for her parents, and a job working for Renking on Coruscant for her.[1]

Uvis was not seen by Arihnda again after that point and it was unknown what happened to him after Azadi was arrested as a rebel and Arihnda replaced him as governor.[1]


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