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Arion Star was a stock light freighter that was nothing special in terms of appearance. But, upon closer inspection, it was found that the light did not work in the cargo bay, and the engine repair hatch was stuck; although, it could still be opened. It was given to a group of Rebels who were posing as members of NavStar Transport, a Rebel front company, when they were assigned to collect supplies from Greyman's Planet and deliver them to Karinda Outpost.

While on the way to Greyman's Planet the group were brought out of hyperspace by a group of pirates who had placed an asteroid in their flight path, which was along a major trade route. The group just managed to avoid hitting the asteroid, and were saved from the pirates when an Imperial task force was also pulled out of hyperspace by the asteroid. Although the Imperials sent a boarding team to inspect the ship, they found nothing and let the group continue to Greyman's Planet.

The Rebels managed to land at Da'Harrin Spaceport without any difficulties; although, when they managed to get their cargo back on board, they had to blast their way out of the system. They managed to hold off a group of TIE/LN starfighters with the ship before making the jump to hyperspace. When the ship arrived at Karinda, the guidance system burned itself out, causing the group to immediately land on the planet instead of being able to land at the rebel base. What happened to the Arion Star after it delivered the cargo to Karinda is unknown.