"Cut the act uncle, I know you killed my father! Now with the Empire on your side, I can't get the mines back. But at least I'll have the satisfaction of watching you beg for your life."
―Arista Kabul[src]

Arista Kabul was a beautiful young Otunian female Human and the daughter of Lorn Kabul, who owned a mining operation. Despite being a crack shot and perfectly able to take care of herself, her father made her perpetually wear a tracking device around her ankle.

She understood Jawaese, although it is unknown how she learned this language.


When Lorn was killed by his evil brother who, conspiring with the Imperial warlord Moff Harsh, wanted to take over the mining operations, Arista joined forces with the strong and unusually noble Gamorrean, Grissom, and the technically-minded Jawa, Tek, who was a wanted man.

Tek managed to remove the tracking device such that Arista's uncle would not be able to track them down, and together the trio managed to sabotage the mining operation, ruining everything for her uncle and make it off-planet.

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