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The Arkanian Dominion was the governing body of the planet of Arkania throughout its history. Aligned with the Galactic Republic, the Dominion was represented in the Galactic Senate and later the Imperial Senate of the Galactic Empire.


The Arkanian Dominion was the corporate meritocracy established on the planet Arkania during the world's early history. Made up of members of the Arkanian race, the Dominion was heavily influenced by corporate entities such as the Adasca BioMechanical Corporation of Arkania run by the House of Adasca, an affluent family after whom the capital city Adascopolis was named.[2]

Throughout Arkanian history, the Dominion actively allowed rampant genetic alterations to be conducted on various species like the Quermians and the Yaka. In 50 BBY,[4] the Arkanian Renegades,[5] a group that opposed this genetic experimentation on the Yaka, tried to overthrow the Dominion in the Arkanian Revolution. These rebels overtook the geneticists with mercenary cyborgs, so the Dominion appealed to the Jedi Order for aid. With the Order's intervention, the revolution was put down and the Dominion remained in power.[4]


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