This article is about the Star Destroyer. You may be looking for the Arkanian dragon, the creature after which it was named.

Arkanian Dragon was a Victory II-class Star Destroyer.


In 19 BBY, the Arkanian Dragon was sent to the Centares system to control access to the planet Nizon. It was used to escort slave ships from the planet out of the system and to guard the system from outsiders. The Dragon was provided with a list detailing every ship scheduled to arrive in the system and any ship that didn't appear on the list was to be boarded. When an Alderaanian Resistance team arrived in the system, the Dragon ordered their ship to stop and prepare to be boarded. The team refused and four V-wing starfighters were dispatched from the Dragon's complement to capture them. The V-wings attempted to drive the Alderaanian ship towards the Dragon, so that the capital ship could try to get a tractor beam lock on it. However, the Alderaanian ship passed into a dust cloud and into the upper atmosphere of Nizon. The Dragon couldn't follow them and it's sensors couldn't penetrate the dust cloud to target them, so it let them go and recalled the V-wings, which were unwilling to continue the operation without the Star Destroyer's support.