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"Those are Arkudan gaming cubes. They're supposed to bring luck, but I just keep them because they're centuries old, and I like the way they look."
―Tionne Solusar[src]

The Arkudans were a sentient species, native to the planet Arkuda. They were a squat species, with vaguely ursine characteristics.[1] Their planet was located in the Gordian Reach sector, at the junction of the Junction-Tierell Loop and the Korphir Trace.[2] For hundreds of years prior to the Battle of Yavin,[3] the Arkudans produced gaming cubes that were jewelled and highly ornamental.[1] These cubes were believed by some to bring good luck,[3] and it was primarily for these cubes that the Arkudans were known.[1] Tionne Solusar, a member of the New Jedi Order, owned a pair fluffy Arkudan gaming cubes, which she hung from the ceiling of her starship, the Lore Seeker.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Daniel Wallace and Jason Fry created the Arkudans for The Essential Atlas, published by Del Rey (2009). This provided a backstory for the Arkudan game cubes mentioned in Junior Jedi Knights: Kenobi's Blade, written by Rebecca Moesta and published by Boulevard (1997).



Notes and referencesEdit

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