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"I recognize your face."
"You should. I'm Arlain Zee."
―Volan Das and Arlain Zee[src]

Arlain Zee was a male bounty hunter who earned notoriety during the latter years of the Galactic Republic after he swindled the individual Sli Genchu out of the proceeds of the Lodan job, making him one of the most wanted men on the planet Coruscant. During the Clone Wars, Zee was captured by the Galactic Republic and imprisoned aboard the Venator-class Star Destroyer Tempestuous alongside other wanted bounty hunters, for transport to Coruscant. Zee and the Iktotchi Volan Das were freed from their cells by Zee's astromech droid R5-Q3, and the pair quickly incapacitated the clone trooper guards Cale and Reed while R5-Q3 released several other bounty hunters. Zee and Das donned the armor of the fallen clones and attempted to make their way to the ship's hangar bay along with the bounty hunters Esu, Kessk and M-1991. Though the other bounty hunters were soon recaptured, Zee was able to escape the vessel by downloading his consciousness into R5-Q3.



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