"I remember. My brother died in the conflict. His ship came out of hyperspace in the center of a sun."
―Armand Isard remembers his brother and the ships fate[src]

The brother of the Director of Imperial Intelligence Armand Isard served aboard a Galactic Republic starship during the Stark Hyperspace War[1] in 44 BBY.[2] During the war, the starship's navigation computer was one of those infected by the navcomputer virus released by the Stark Commercial Combine against the Republic Navy. The virus caused the ship to exit Hyperspace in the center of a star while it was en route to the planet Troiken, killing Isard's brother and destroying the vessel. Isard would remember the ship's destruction in 3 BBY when discussing the War with Imperial Intelligence Agent Jahan Cross.[1]

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The starship was first shown in a flashback in the 2011 comic book Agent of the Empire—Iron Eclipse, Part 1, which was written by John Ostrander as part of the "Iron Eclipse" story arc of the Star Wars: Agent of the Empire series.


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