Armo Drane, known in the Galactic Empire's criminal system as Inmate ICN-20020, was an inmate on the Imperial prison barge Purge.


He had a wife named Tso Sook Drane and knew someone by the name of Jollar. He and his wife lived on a farm. He was imprisoned for a crime, one he committed to make life easier for Tso and Jollar, and tried to send a letter to his wife, via a guard named Wembly, explaining his situation and that he hoped to explain to them why he committed a crime someday. In the post-script of the letter, he reminded his wife about a humidity sensor on a moisture vaporator in the south quadrant of their property that bound up and in a post-post-script relayed that a man named Moy-Ran Bostt may come to collect money for the year prior's harvest, telling her to send him away as he had already received payment. The letter was recovered aboard Purge after its occupants were decimated by a plague so it is unlikely that it reached her before it was released to the public for academic purposes in relation to the history of Purge.

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