An armor battalion was a formation of the Imperial Army.


An armor battalion was comprised of a breakthrough armor company, two attack armor companies, a repulsorlift company, and the battalion headquarters for an optimum combination of mobility and firepower. However, the armor battalion was designed for assault operations, and had no staying power to fight a fixed defense. The battalion numbers fluctuated depending on whether the battalion was equipped with light tanks or heavy tanks. Heavy battalions numbered a thousand men, supported by 53 repulsortanks and 55 repulsorcraft, while light battalions numbered 1,096 personnel, 93 tanks and 55 repulsorcraft.[1]

Armor battalions could be augmented by the addition of one repulsorlift company, two more breakthrough armor companies, and an attack armor company.[2]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Armor battalion organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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