An armor platoon was a formation in the Imperial Army.


Armor platoons generally fielded between thirty-four and forty-two men, spread between either four heavy vehicles—each staffed by four- or five-man crews—or eight medium or light vehicles, with a three man crew apiece. An additional vehicle, the command vehicle, was generally a medium vehicle modified with a secondary gun cupola mounting a heavy repeating blaster. The heavy vehicle configuration was the most common.[1]

Armor platoons also incorporated two heavy transport vehicles which carried spare parts and supplies for the platoon. Each HTV was staffed by a three-man crew who doubled as mechanics, and a staff of four technicians. These technicians were familiar with the workings of each vehicle under their care, but each technician specialized in a certain field; weapons systems, armor maintenance, control circuits, and engine/power transmission. The vehicles of an armor platoon were generally repulsorlift tanks, but some units employed walkers or other heavy vehicles.[1]

Order of Battle organizational chartEdit

Armor platoon organization
Amor platoon organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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