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"Tanks. Is that the best they can throw at us?"
Rys, during a mission on Rugosa[src]

The Armored Assault Tank, also known as the AAT battle tank or the AAT-1 Hover Tank, was an artillery vehicle used by the Trade Federation and later donated to the Confederacy of Independent Systems where it served as one of its backbone infantry defenses. General Lok Durd modified one of these into the Defoliator Deployment Tank. After the Clone Wars, dozens of these units fell into the hands of the Alliance to Restore the Republic where they were modified extensively in order to accommodate organic crews.

The Galactic Empire manufactured their own version of the AAT on Cymoon 1's Weapons Factory Alpha, which also participated in defending the base from a Rebel assault.

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The AAT was designed and created by the Baktoid Armor Workshop for the Trade Federation secret army. It can hold four battle droids, five laser guns, and six energy shell launchers. The first open combat use of the AAT was on Naboo. Since the vehicle is designed for head-on combat, it is very heavily armored in the front. The nose is comprised of almost solid armor, making it capable of smashing through heavy walls easily.

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