An armored jumpsuit was an armored combat jumpsuit used by the New Jedi Order during the Yuuzhan Vong War.

Used by the Myrkr strike team on their mission to kill the voxyn queen, the armored jumpsuit was designed to be a light weight armor, having the appearance of an efficient though intimidating brown uniform with an attachable hood. The armor a lining that used the same alternating layers of molytex and quantum fiber that made YVH-Series battle droids laminanium armor so impenetrable. Additionally, the armored jumpsuit was capable of serving as a vacsuit and could be made airtight.

These suits were capable of withstanding considerable physical impact and allowing the wearer to shrug off a series of thud bug impacts with nothing more than a flinch, with the heaviest of hits resulting in broken bones rather than lacerations and lesions. Armored jumpsuits were also capable of withstanding tremendous amounts of heat, being capable of resisting the intense heat of magma pebbles, which were commonly used to attack armored infantry and light vehicles, and left thumb sized divots rather than gaping holes. The jumpsuits were also resilient to slashing attacks as well, being able to shrug off a voxyn's claws, as well as that of razor bugs, but could be punctured by amphistaffs. Armored jumpsuits were used in conjunction with equipment harnesses by the Myrkr strike team, which allowed for an individual to carry an array of equipment ranging from grenades, mines, holoshrouds, blasters, and spare ammunition.