An army was a formation of the Imperial Army.


An Army was commanded by a full General. The headquarters staff and support element of an army was larger than two full battalions for a total of 1,855 men and twice as many droids. Overall, each army is composed of four corps, and was considered the minimal unit needed for holding a key planetary system, and was also capable of capturing a system.[2] It had five staff officers (SA1 to SA5) and ten substaff officers (SA11 through SA52), a security company (152 men) and six independent perimeter platoons (total 228 men), 200 ISB agents for intelligence and counter-intelligence, three companies of COMPNOR "observers" (each 152 men plus a command element of five for a total of 471), four Imperial Intelligence representatives and 784 support personnel.[1]

An Army was composed of one of each type of Imperial Army Corps and was meant to fit into a naval troop squadron. That gave an army 193,644 troopers, 100,042 support personnel, 16,660 repulsorcraft and at least 3,498 heavy tanks. Augmented armies doubled the number of each corps type starting with line corps. While an Army rarely fought as a coordinated field unit, in the latter years of the Empire the increasing success of the Rebellion forced the Imperial Army to revive and redevelop this doctrine.[1]

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Army organizational chart on the Imperial Army Order of Battle


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