Army of Life was an eco-terrorist group with criminal connections. The organization was active during the reign of the Galactic Republic. The Army operated with the supposed goal of resurrecting primitive ecosystems throughout the galaxy.


In 32 BBY, the Army of Life staged a dangerous plan to illegally export clodhoppers from Naboo to Stend IV. As Stend IV lacked clodhopper predators, the creatures would have thousands of children in a very short time, wreak havoc and devastate the colony. However, this plan required the Army to use an independent team to transport the "bio-material" in a ship, the Majestic Gundark. Army agent Del Binjitt hired the team at Frundle's Cantina on Naboo, but was eavesdropped on by a bartender droid, who reported him to the authorities. The Majestic Gundark managed to leave Naboo, but local fighter pilot lieutenant Davonn tracked its hyperspace vector and discovered the destiny of the ship. The Jedi Council was interested in the operation, and sent a Padawan, Dree-Tekes, to Stend IV, so that she was waiting for the Gundark when it arrived.

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