This article is about the army. You may be looking for Galaxy of Fear: Army of Terror.

The Army of Terror was the culmination of Project Starscream. It was a group of biologically-created weapons that would never die, could change form at will, could read the minds of its victims and use their deepest fears against them, grew stronger with each feeding, and was impervious to the Force—this last ability was never completed. They would follow any order their creator gave them. Before they were fully mature, the creatures had the appearance of typical Humans, but would eventually become hideous monsters covered in purple scale-like armor. They grew very rapidly and gained sustenance by absorbing other beings. Fortunately, Borborygmus Gog, the Shi'ido in charge of the project, only created one prototype. This prototype was named Eppon by Tash Arranda, who at the time was unaware of the child's true nature. Eventually, with help from Tash, a mature Eppon turned on his master, but Gog remotely detonated a small explosive implanted in his brain, destroying much of his body.