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For other uses, see Arno.

King Arno, with his wife, Leonie, was a Zeltron male who served as the royal leader of Zeltros during the Galactic Civil War.


As with all of Zeltros’ monarchs, Arno was chosen by his people for his skills in combat, art, science and love. Arno was an exceedingly charismatic and intelligent individual who knew that non-Zeltrons were often misinformed about his species. He enjoyed collecting art, and had an especially large collection of erotic poetry. He was skilled in such entertainment as poetry reading, acrobatics, therapeutic massage, and playing the Zeltron lute. Parties always pleased him as well.

In 4 ABY, Arno and Leonie hosted a celebration for visitors from the Alliance of Free Planets shortly after the Battle of Endor. The joyous occasion was unfortunately interrupted by invasions by the Nagai, the Hiromi and the Tofs.

Behind the scenesEdit

King Arno was created by Mary Jo Duffy and Cynthia Martin.



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