GX-99, an Aro-GX Security Droid

Aro-GX Security Droids were a model designed by Aro. They were equipped with body armor, wrist blasters, two auto-balance legs, and two arms. They stood 1.8 meters tall and were humanoid in shape. They cost 9,000 credits, but were restricted to governments and militaries. The model was introduced to compete with the security droids made by Arakyd Industries and Cybot Galactica, but the Galactic Empire determined the series was "too lethal for commercial sale," a decision seemingly justified when Corellian criminals reprogrammed one of the droids, leading to it almost assassinating the Diktat. The resulting bad publicity put Aro out of business, with the remaining droids ending up on the black market. The model was banned from the Corellian system, but many Moffs, Admirals, and High Admirals along the Hydian Way illegally maintained security forces made up of the model. The bounty hunter Cragus 12 owned an Aro-GX designated GX-99.


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