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An arqet was a type of carnivorous ungulate beast native to Pellastrallas. Arqets were by nature highly aggressive creatures, a trait visible even by their features. The skull of an arqet's large head was flanked by two huge ridged horns longer than the head itself, which they used to gore opponents. Their wide mouths were filled with serrated fangs, ostensibly for tearing the flesh of their prey, with four very large canines recessed into the corners of the mouth. They had split hooves and large nostrils, and overlapping armor plating on their backs which resembled that of the rancor. Their hides were so thick that they were virtually immune to stun bolts, making incapacitating one of these creatures a formidable task.

Because of their violent personalities, arqets were frequently captured and taken from their homeworld to be used in gladiatorial arenas. Perhaps the most famous instance of this was the importation of an arqet by the Circus Horrificus, in Nar Shaddaa's Ko Hentota district, in 22 BBY.

When the arqet was revealed to the crowd, it promptly shook off its restraints and began to attack the spectators, killing twelve. Attempts to subdue it were futile, and the beast fled into the ventilation system. The disaster caused the operators of the Circus to scatter and marked the end of the Circus's illegal shows.


An arquet.



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