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Arrakan was a water world in the Sulphis system of the Outer Rim, on the opposite side of Celanon from Lennax. Its name meant the Blue Pearl. Arrakan's skies were filled with violent atmospheric storms and glowering clouds connected to the water surface by "vast whirlwind twisters of air and water."

The indigenous Battrachs maintained a floating harbor at a coral-like island, where starships landed in moored giant bivalves, which then closed their shells and carried the craft to the underwater capital city, Kearleonis. Animals could travel underwater in giant jellyfish. The Battrachs, the bivalves, and the jellyfish were all genetically engineered by the indigenous Duors, who themselves believed they had been made by a millennium-old Leviathan named Kithnarrock.

Kithnarrock was a contact for the Alliance to Restore the Republic. A number of survivors of the Jedi Purge contacted the Alliance through Kithnarrock; however, this resulted in an Imperial fleet attacking Kithnarrock.