"We're colonists. This is an unclaimed system. There's no law here."
―Arratan to Wedge Antilles[src]

Arratan was a male Human pirate chief who based his gang on Blood Nest, the third moon of M2398-3 on the M2398 system.

When the modified CR90 corvette Night Caller arrived to negotiate with them, the Blood Nest pirates attacked the Warlord Zsinj aligned ship. They were not aware that Wraith Squadron, a New Republic starfighter squadron, was secretly in command of the ship. After a short battle, during which Arratan's forces were quickly destroyed by the Wraith's X-wings. The pirates surrendered and Arratan was questioned by Wraith Leader Wedge Antilles; who was furious at the loss of one of his pilots, Mon Calamari communications expert Jesmin Ackbar, at the hands of Arratun's forces. Threatening to have the entire lot of pirates thrown into the inhospitable wastes of the moon, Antilles spared the man's life only in exchange for everything he knew about Zsinj's operations in the area.