"What do you want?"
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Arrejis Mellaha was a Squib shopowner and information broker who operated Serooin's Gear in Betha Starport on the smuggler's planet Betha II. He sold a variety of legal and illegal merchandise. In 9 ABY, an Imperial faction known as the Kaarenth Dissension was sowing anti-human and anti-New Republic feeling among the aliens of Corva sector. Uneasy with the new atmosphere of distrust, Mellaha decided that everything in his store had to go and prepared to relocate to a safer location.


In 9 ABY[2] Arrejis Mellaha was operating a personal supplies store called Serooin's Gear. The shop was located on the West Cliff of Betha Starport[1] on Betha II, a sparsely populated smuggler's haven in Corva sector.[3] That year, a splinter group of the Galactic Empire known as the Kaarenth Dissension was flexing its muscles in the region and stirring up anti-human sentiment among aliens.[4] As violence and mistrust spread to the starport, Mellaha came to trust no one but himself. He could see the Kaarenth Dissension's tentacles squirming ever closer to his place of business, so he started laying the groundwork for a move to another patch of galaxy before it was too late.[1]

One day in 9 ABY, a group claiming to be smugglers—unbeknownst to Mellaha, they were actually New Republic agents—wandered into his shop and made some purchases. As they left, he gave them a warning: stay away from Docking Bay Three. He refused to divulge more.[5]

Personality and traitsEdit

Mellaha was paranoid, greeting visitors to his shop with a curt question and a reach for a hidden blaster. Nevertheless, he wanted to move operations to another world, so he gladly sold anything in the shop.[1] He ignored legality when stocking his shelves, and his prices were 20% above the normal level.[5] He was a particularly keen purveyor of information and answered inquiries honestly for a mere 50 credits.[1]

The Squib had nothing in particular against humans or the New Republic—their designations of certain items as illegal merely drove up the prices—and he had no love for the Kaarenth Dissention. Still, he felt it was better to look out for his own fur rather than pick sides. To that end, he was planning to uproot and relocate at the earliest opportunity.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Arrejis Mellaha is a background character in the roleplaying adventure "Counterstrike" in The Star Wars Adventure Journal 8 for Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Mellaha has little role in the story other than to sell the player characters supplies before their mission begins in earnest. "Counterstrike" also appears in Classic Adventures: Volume Four - The Best of the Journal.


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