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"I fear we could become appetizers at the drop of a hat."
―Ars Dangor to Orson Krennic, during their time on Geonosis[src]

Ars Dangor was a male human bureaucrat[1] who, during the Clone Wars accompanied Janus Greejatus, Sly Moore, Sate Pestage and Lieutenant Commander Orson Krennic to Geonosis to oversee Poggle the Lesser's homecoming. As Poggle gave a speech to his fellow Geonosians, Dangor sat alongside the other Republic emissaries in the Petranaki arena. During the speech, Dangor expressed worries to Krennic that he felt they could become appetizers at the drop of a hat.[2]

After the rise of the Galactic Empire, Dangor served in the Imperial Ruling Council. As such, he was an adviser to Emperor Sheev Palpatine. He wore long, braided mustachios and had broad, furrowy eyebrows. Despite his mostly glum countenance, Dangor's unusual facial hair gave him a bit of élan. Like all the other members of the Imperial Ruling Council, he donned colorful robes and floppy hats.[1]


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