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"Doc, you're killing me."
"I think you mean, Doc, you're saving my life."
―Hetkins complains to Arsad about her ministrations[src]

Arsad was a human female who worked as a doctor for the New Republic in a veteran's hospital in Darropolis on the planet Hosnian Prime at around the time of the Liberation of Kashyyyk. One of her patients at this time was the New Republic veteran Dade Hetkins, who had lost a leg during the cleanup on the moon of Endor following the Battle of Endor. Hetkins received a cybernetic replacement limb, and she aided him in first attempting to use it. After running several simple physical tests with the aid of an FX-7 medical assistant droid, she declared that everything seemed fine and questioned Hetkins about his mental health. She was not fooled by his claims of being all right, and after her FX-7 confirmed he was lying based on his medical readout, she instructed him to return to the hospital regularly for group therapy with other veterans, or attend sessions she would set up elsewhere if he wished to leave the planet. She also provided him with the therapy droid QT-9, whom he begrudgingly took home.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Arsad first appeared in the novel Aftermath: Life Debt, which was written by Chuck Wendig and released in 2016.


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