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Art was a series of groups that were part of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order's Coalition for Progress. Each sector within the Galactic Empire had their own Art group, which assessed the suitability of art forms within its jurisdiction. The Art group was by far the most despised group within the Coalition for Progress as they applied the same rigid criteria of the New Order to art forms as different as sand-casting on Tatooine, Cadomai transnovels, Besn participlays, and holosculptures from Ediorung. Most species who had developed the art forms over the course of millennia were of the opinion that the Art group had no right to pass judgment on their works.[2]

Art would deliver scathing reviews of some works, attaching holopanels close by that would constantly replay the review. The text was written in an intense red, leading to the holopanels being nicknamed "scarlets." The term "drawing a scarlet" referred to the process of attaining such a review, and works receiving such a review guaranteed critical success on many planets.[2]


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