"Essentially, she narrows her focus–her mind and Force-awareness–until it becomes microscopic. While her physical body remains unchanged, her projected form shrinks to an infinitesimal size. In that state, she can rearrange molecules, take them apart, and build new ones bit by bit."
―Cilghal, upon learning Art of the Small from Vergere[src]

Art of the Small was a radical Force technique. By narrowing their focus, a Force user could essentially shrink their presence in the Force to a microscopic size. While in this state, the user could operate molecules in any way they wanted, turning them into something completely different.

With the power to alter things at a molecular level, a Force-user could have many uses for such a technique. Vergere, the failed Sith apprentice who named it, used her powers to give her tears healing properties, which helped Mara Jade Skywalker in combating the coomb spores she was infected with. She managed to teach the art to Jacen Solo and Cilghal. Onimi, jester to Shimrra Jamaane, also had this ability, but his level of control was much greater than Vergere's. He was able to amplify the current of energy flowing through his mismatched form, as well as compose deadly toxins and chemicals, able to be released through almost every aspect of his body; his blood, his sweat, his tears, his fang, and even his curving fingernails. These abilities allowed him to control Shimrra and become the true Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong.

As demonstrated by Vergere, the Art of the Small could be employed to conceal one's presence in the Force or outright render them invisible. Thus, it was not only a unique method for Force healing, but was also another manner of Force concealment or Force camouflage. This technique was of unknown relation to that used by Alema Rar, Numa Rar, and Lumiya to hide their presences in the Force.

Jacen Solo taught the technique to Ben Skywalker, who in turn taught it to his mother, Mara Jade Skywalker. Both used the ability to hide their presence in the Force. Mara described the technique to her husband, Luke Skywalker shortly before her death. Allana Solo also used this technique on planet Klatooine to shrink her presence and follow a powerful dark side user.



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