"I am Artagan Truax. I have killed men in eleven systems. I have fought well and withstood much and have not given quarter. I will not be broken by the likes of you today, nor will my son. And I will not beg for mercy."
―Artagan Truax[src]

Artagan Truax was a Human male inmate of the Cog Hive Seven prison by the year 33 BBY. A former member of the Bando Gora, Truax worked to protect his son and fellow prisoner, Eogan Truax, from the rest of the prison's general population.

Originally a member of the Bando Gora, a cult of Force-worshiping assassins operating in the Outer Rim, Truax turned on the cult when he saved the life of arms dealer Iram Radique, one of their targets. Fearing the Bando Gora's retribution against himself and his son, Eogan, Truax took refuge in the prison Cog Hive Seven in which Radique had established his base of operations.[1]

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